Do You Want To Fly the TARDIS?

by GingerTen

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Based off of Frozen's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?", this is a Doctor Who parody regarding the Doctor and the Master throughout their lives, from being friends at the Academy to the end of the Sound of Drums.


Do you wanna fly a TARDIS?
C’mon, let’s go and run!
You shut yourself inside your dorm!
It’s not the norm,
Come on let’s have some fun!
We used to run forever,
Across the hills,
The red-orange Gallifrey!
Do you wanna fly a TARDIS?
We don’t have to fly a TARDIS…

Go away, Theta…

Okay, bye…


Do you wanna fly the TARDIS?
Or pull a prank on Rassilon!
It’s awful boring being without you,
There’s nothing fun to do,
Now that you’ve up and gone!
I built a new dog!

It’s gotten awful lonely,
Just standing here,
Listening to you play drums!



Please, I know you hear me…
You can’t leave me, not just yet…
I’ve finally found you,
And I forgive you,
But now I’m begging you,
Come on, just live!
We’re the last of the Time Lords.
It just me and you,
So please just regenerate!

…Do you wanna fly the TARDIS…?

oh Koschei…


released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


GingerTen Bellingham, Washington

Just a big fan of Doctor Who, living in Bothell, WA.

I also cosplay as the ginger version of the Tenth Doctor, originally played by David Tennant.

Feel free to check out my tumblr as well!
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